What’s Wrong with Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin (Anchor baby), thinks that a principle that is practiced by her ancestral home, the Philippines,that of (jus sanguinis) applies to her as an American, even though both of her parents were not naturalized citizens at the time of her birth. She is actually a Citizen of the Philippines according to their laws. Fortunately for her the United states grants (jus soli) the right of nationality to anyone born on U.S. soil, but yet she thinks that this policy that made her an automatic citizen, should not apply to anyone else including foreign tourist.if that was the case she would have had to go through the naturalization process just like any other foreign immigrant. The selfish hypocrisy of this Fox network puppet, knows no bounds. She says, that “I’m not Asian I’m American.” Most of the people on the Radical right would send her packing back to the Philippines. I used the term Anchor baby because that is how her so called friends on the right like Michelle Bachman would refer to her. I apologize to all of those American born children of immigrants, documented or not, with the exception of Malkin. She has my pity, but not my respect.

Her first book INVASION: How America still welcomes terrorist, criminals and other foreign menaces.

The title sounds like it was written by a virulent white supremacist. What if her parents had been denied entrance to our country and its opportunities, just because they happened to be from the Philippines. What makes her circumstances so special, that exclusion based on race or country of origin should not apply to her. Is she suffering from some type of delusion that blinds her to the plight of others, that are only seeking the same opportunities that her parents received.

Her second book, IN DEFENSE OF INTERNMENT: The case for Racial profiling in World War II and the war on terror. She defended a position which is now recognized as racist, and one which the U.S. government has since apologized for. She’s actually so bold as to suggest that the same methods should be used against Muslim-Americans. What if nineteen Filipino men had been the perpetrators of the events of 911; would she still advocate such horrid tactics. Would she think that her government was totally justified, if she was held in an internment camp, without a trial, or any legal justification. Is she so blind that when she looks in the mirror she sees Ann Coulter. a fair skinned blond caucasian woman, and not the very Dark skinned Asian that she really is. I can imagine her being subjected to the N-word very easily. instead of feeding the fires of inequality and racial hatred that will ultimately affect her, somewhere down the line, she should grow a heart and develop empathy and sympathy for others that are not as fortunate as she is.

Her fourth book CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Obama and His team of Tax Cheats Crooks and Cronies. The title itself is worthy of Glenn Beck, but not worthy of a clear headed, thinking, rational person, unfortunately Michelle Malkin is none of the above. She is well protected by the laxity of libel laws in this country. Apparently we have rights in America that defend people who would trounce on the rights of others, including Michelle Malkin. Her banal parroting of the right wing pundits is shameful and devoid of truth or moral certainty. The world that she advocates would be a living nightmare for people of color like herself; and despite her denial, there are people out there who will judge her because of the obvious darkness of her skin. She could better serve humanity and herself, if she would stop fanning the flames of hatred under the banner of conservatism.

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