The Accidental Foodie


IMG_0092In my own opinion, I am probably the least likely person to go paleo or vegan or gluten free as a life choice. Yet I find myself at a cross roads in life, where I had to make a choice; either eat healthy or die; therefore I am making an honest effort to drop my old unhealthy habits and gain new ones that will hopefully extend my life.

Too my surprise I have discovered that I prefer the taste of organic foods to most of the processed foods. Organic whole milk from grass fed cows, taste like the milk I remember from my childhood; it is sweet and creamy and doesn’t upset my stomach. When I bake using organic free range eggs,  organic flour and non GMO ingrediants friends and family difinately notice the difference. My taste buds have changed and I have also noticed a difference in the flavor of my cooking.  I now look forward to cooking for my self and I enjoy what I make.

Hopefully I will inspire other junkfood junkies to try something new and eat nutritious food that is good tasting and good for you. Below is my first entry for this page a vegan soft shell Taco.

made with Rudis spinach tortillas My own home made salsa, 365 brand refried pinto beans, voyages white arborio rice, black beans also 365 brand and locally grown romaine lettuce. I love extra spicy taco sauce with these.  there is no meat but found that they were filling and quite tasty and I make them quite often. when I cheat I add cheese and meat, but only once in a while. I tried soy cheese with these but was not impressed they are perfectly fine without cheese.  Top photo is my spaghetti with home made meat sauce and made from scratch Pizza.  Everything is low sodium or no sodium, in the future I’ll ad nutritional information.


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