HAPPY MAY DAY! aka. (International workers day)


People have forgotten that May Day is an international affair celebrated in most of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.1920px-International_Observance_of_Labour_Day.png

America’s fear of the word socialism, harkens back to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The main reason why we have separated labor day from May 1st, is because the communist in Russia and in China celebrated May Day. However, the communist are not the only ones that celebrate the old pagan holiday, many socialist democracies, (most of which are prosperous), throughout western Europe, also celebrate International workers day. Free higher educations and health care as a right, are just two of the many benefits of socialism. Only the greedy, selfish, exploiters of the poor and middle class object to social programs, that benefit the rest of us. They get tax breaks, subsidies and special compensations, they take most of their money off shore  and then call the rest of the population takers.

Anything that threatens the status quo, is branded as dangerous and untenable. Many Americans shudder at the mere mention of Socialism. They think that any system that isn’t free market capitalism, is pure evil; even though America had more success, under the Roosevelt socialist programs, than under Ronald Reagan’s trickle down, reverseRobin Hood economics.  Even in the golden age of the Republican party, the Eisenhower years; the Democrats were not only better at Social programs, but much better at keeping the economy Healthy and thriving. (see graphs below).

When workers do better, the economy does better. Socialism works, the war on poverty wasn’t a failure, but the war on drugs is. Republicans are directly responsible, for the loss of thousands of jobs to outsourcing; union busting has created stagnation and lower wages, for everyone, while the cost of living continues to climb. We as a nation are floundering under neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism, both ideologies favor Wall Street and not Main street. So fear not good people, but embrace true democracy, social justice and workers rights. Just remember that, right to work is just Orwellian double speak for, the right of corporations to exploit workers.





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