“ … Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but in-wardly are ravenous wolves.” Mathew 7:15 I chose this passage from the bible, because I think that it exemplifies my New opinion of Barack Obama, a man whom I voted for twice, to my utter chagrin. Unfortunately I honestly don’t know if Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice or not. If her policies are those of the Wall street Democrats I still don’t know if I could support her, or not; probably not. My conscience would force me to vote for Bernie Sanders if Hillary turns out to be anther free trader. I was so angry and fed up with Obama’s support of the horrible TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) that I tossed my big Obama fridge magnet into the trash can, Picture below. IMG_0508 For eight years I have been defending this man against the most ludicrous and racist attacks imaginable, when all the while he has been stringing the people of this country along. He came to power on a progressive, populist platform and kept his true center right Wall street agenda hidden. If the Republicans had wanted to really destroy him, all they had to do was reveal the truth about him and he really would have been a one term President. I had believed with all my heart, that our 44th President was a good man, being led astray by smooth talking serpents whispering in his ear. Unfortunately the truth was that he was just another snake in a den of vipers. I even compiled a list of people that should not have been included in his administration. Here’s my list that in retrospect should have been a major clue to his true leanings. With out justice, what are kingdoms but great bands of robbers.” –Saint Augustus This is a list of Bush era creeps that should have been fired as soon as Obama took office. Instead of getting the well deserved boot; they were left in place, have sabotaged his first four years and tarnished his reputation, with bad advice and dubious tactics, which have violated human rights, including signature drone strikes. GEN. KEITH ALEXANDER director NSA HENRY PAULSON JOHN BRENNAN denied knowledge of CIA torture. TIMOTHY GEITNER Goldman Sachs crony DAVID AXELROD ROMM EMANNUAL wants to privatize education. RONALD RODGERS JAMES CLAPPER LEON PENNETA MICHEAL FROHMANN ROBERT RUEBEN LARRY SUMMERS advised abolishment of Glass- Steagall act. THOM WHEELER Former lobbyist for the telecom companies. Terrible nominees, Michael Boggs opposes same sex marriage, abortion Now I see how naive I was when I wrote this list, This man proved to be unworthy of my admiration. I am not going to finish this list, because it is no longer subject to debate. I know who and what Obama is, a betrayer and a Wall street lackey. In a 2006 speech he praises so called Free Trade and globalization, which has done nothing but drain jobs and money away from the country, Making us poorer not richer. Every Trade deal since NAFTA has cost us dearly. https:// Here’s some more information incase you’re not convinced Call your U.S. Senator and Representative to let them know your displeasure with TPP and Fast track, we are supposed to be living in a democracy and not a Corporate Oligarchy. DEFEND AMERICA, OPPOSE CORPORATE TYRANNY, VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES!

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