HAPPY MAY DAY! aka. (International workers day)


People have forgotten that May Day is an international affair celebrated in most of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.1920px-International_Observance_of_Labour_Day.png

America’s fear of the word socialism, harkens back to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The main reason why we have separated labor day from May 1st, is because the communist in Russia and in China celebrated May Day. However, the communist are not the only ones that celebrate the old pagan holiday, many socialist democracies, (most of which are prosperous), throughout western Europe, also celebrate International workers day. Free higher educations and health care as a right, are just two of the many benefits of socialism. Only the greedy, selfish, exploiters of the poor and middle class object to social programs, that benefit the rest of us. They get tax breaks, subsidies and special compensations, they take most of their money off shore  and then call the rest of the population takers.

Anything that threatens the status quo, is branded as dangerous and untenable. Many Americans shudder at the mere mention of Socialism. They think that any system that isn’t free market capitalism, is pure evil; even though America had more success, under the Roosevelt socialist programs, than under Ronald Reagan’s trickle down, reverseRobin Hood economics.  Even in the golden age of the Republican party, the Eisenhower years; the Democrats were not only better at Social programs, but much better at keeping the economy Healthy and thriving. (see graphs below).

When workers do better, the economy does better. Socialism works, the war on poverty wasn’t a failure, but the war on drugs is. Republicans are directly responsible, for the loss of thousands of jobs to outsourcing; union busting has created stagnation and lower wages, for everyone, while the cost of living continues to climb. We as a nation are floundering under neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism, both ideologies favor Wall Street and not Main street. So fear not good people, but embrace true democracy, social justice and workers rights. Just remember that, right to work is just Orwellian double speak for, the right of corporations to exploit workers.





Voting down ticket,or (Hillary ain’t doing it for me).

I woke up this morning and promptly turned on the television to hear about what happened in last nights California primary. I was expecting much better from Californians, especially the Hispanic Californians who Want immigration reform  and greater opportunities in education and employment. Voting for a wall street center right Democrat will not accomplish anything. I have heard all of the arguments especially from the people who I actually respect, like Joy Reid, Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartmann and others, all saying that it’s over and done with so you might as well vote for Hillary. Well, I am sorry to disappoint, or be an old stick in the mud, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid Hillary as if she were a third term for Obama.

There is an old saying that goes,”You Can not be betrayed by an enemy, only by a friend.” Obama and Eric Holder both betrayed America and Black Americans in particular; Obama with his Signature drone strikes, attacks on Whistle blowers and constantly kowtowing to republican racist and Holder for his refusal to bring the weight of the Justice department down on southerners willing to erase decades of civil rights . Hillary was part of that administration and some of the dirt rubbed off on her, although her own shortcomings are enough to turn me off in their own right. If you’ve never heard the name Berta Cáceres look it up! She was an indigenous activist from Honduras Who was assassinated by unknown gunmen in March of 2016. Below is an excerpt  from the Democracy Now program, explaining the Chaos that Hillary’s sponsored Coup in Honduras  has torn the country apart.

If that’s not enough the coup was actually illegal under the Honduran constitution, even though she said it was legal. Regime Change is not a good foreign policy tactic. Guess what was behind the coup, it was international corporate domination over a sovereign nation. This is all you can expect from a Wall Street Democrat.

That’s not all Puerto Rico is in debt up to its neck, held hostage by Wall street hedge fund managers and is suffering from Draconian austerity measures supported by guess who, Hillary and Obama. They want to appoint a panel of what amounts to emergency managers, just like  Detroit and Flint; this is outrageous and an act of corporate colonization. The people on Wall street pay her huge speaking fees that have made her very rich. SERIOUSLY!  do Puerto ricans really believe that this is the person who is going to come to their aid, when she had already conceded to the Republicans plan for the dismantling of their fair island. It’s the best we’re going to get, she says.

Are Californian Hispanics blind to the facts or is it that they just don’t care about other Hispanics. Given Hillary’s record do the think that she is the right choice; if so they  have a rude awakening, just like I had when the truth sank in about the center right, Wall street Democrats. At leas they got the rats part right!

Here is my prognostication for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Everything that she has promised, to compete with the Bernie Sanders campaign will quickly be forgotten; remember she started out calling Bernie’s Ideas pie in the sky fantasies, not even willing to admit that everything worth having, is worth fighting for. She surrendered before the battle was joined. She will surround herself with weak or just plain lousy advisers, just like Obama did and maintain the status quo. The Military Industrial complex will continue to roll over our nation while subjugating weaker ones, enriching themselves and creating a massive debt for taxpayers. Investment bankers will continue to bilk the public until another collapse and then say we’re too big to fail, so ante up or it’s the end of America as you know it. If progressives don’t gain a foot hold in the House and the Senate then there will never be a livable wage, the move for sustainable energy and an end to all fracking will never be realized; Gerrymandering, voter nullification, campaign finance reform and an end to devastating so called free trade agreements will be nothing more than a fantasy. Whistle blowers will continue to be suppressed, harassed, persecuted and even prosecuted and our freedom will continue to evaporate in a haze of suspicion and fear.

If the republicans were smart ,they would be pointing all of this out, only they’re complicite in the same bad behavior, so they conveniently  ignore it. So now hopefully you understand that when I heard that Bernie Sanders had lost California, I was not only at a loss for words, I could not comprehend why any well informed Hispanic voter, not to mention the African American church block that carried the south would vote for this woman. I became literally sick to my stomach, realizing that sometimes the lesser of two evils is not an option,for people who want future generations to inherit a better world. So, no, I will not be voting for Hillary come November, I will vote; I haven’t missed a national election since I turned 19, but I will be voting down ticket for every progressive thats on the ballot or every Democrat that I deem worthy.I’ll probably write in Bernie for the Hell of  it because I no longer have any faith in, or allegiance to the Democratic party.

My views on Justice Scalia

I’m going to try and do this without angrily ranting at the screen, but it may be hard, since I think that the Supreme court was unfairly stacked with politically motivated justices. Antonin Scalia was appointed by Ronald Reagan, (You now the guy that made the public declaration about healthy young bucks and welfare queens cheating the government); probably because they were of like minds. Here is what Scalia had to say about the supreme court getting involved in cases of racial injustice, below in his own words.

“To pursue the concept of racial entitlement—even for the most admirable and benign of purposes—is to reinforce and preserve for future mischief the way of thinking that produced race slavery, race privilege and race hatred. In the eyes of government, we are just one race here. It is American.” -Antonin Scalia

So wanting the same treatment and privileges that whites take for granted is Racial entitlement! That entire statement is to say the least BALDERDASH! There is no American race only the human race, and the fact that he decided to refer to us as a separate race from the rest of humanity says a lot about his mindset ;  I think they call it racist. He tries to make people believe that this is a fair and just world and that he is just being logical and judicial but it is hard for me after his stance on the voting rights act calling it a Racial entitlement. I was appalled that any of the Justices would try to overturn anything that ensured democracy for everyone no matter what color they are. His views on race religion gender and sexual preference are all out dated and have no place in the justice system.

Now he is being lionized by a press that has no memory or conscience or journalistic integrity. Luckily there are still some honest voices in the press that have revealed the true nature of the man. I found these videos onYouTube, People who are much smarter and more articulate than I am.





“ … Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but in-wardly are ravenous wolves.” Mathew 7:15 I chose this passage from the bible, because I think that it exemplifies my New opinion of Barack Obama, a man whom I voted for twice, to my utter chagrin. Unfortunately I honestly don’t know if Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice or not. If her policies are those of the Wall street Democrats I still don’t know if I could support her, or not; probably not. My conscience would force me to vote for Bernie Sanders if Hillary turns out to be anther free trader. I was so angry and fed up with Obama’s support of the horrible TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) that I tossed my big Obama fridge magnet into the trash can, Picture below. IMG_0508 For eight years I have been defending this man against the most ludicrous and racist attacks imaginable, when all the while he has been stringing the people of this country along. He came to power on a progressive, populist platform and kept his true center right Wall street agenda hidden. If the Republicans had wanted to really destroy him, all they had to do was reveal the truth about him and he really would have been a one term President. I had believed with all my heart, that our 44th President was a good man, being led astray by smooth talking serpents whispering in his ear. Unfortunately the truth was that he was just another snake in a den of vipers. I even compiled a list of people that should not have been included in his administration. Here’s my list that in retrospect should have been a major clue to his true leanings. With out justice, what are kingdoms but great bands of robbers.” –Saint Augustus This is a list of Bush era creeps that should have been fired as soon as Obama took office. Instead of getting the well deserved boot; they were left in place, have sabotaged his first four years and tarnished his reputation, with bad advice and dubious tactics, which have violated human rights, including signature drone strikes. GEN. KEITH ALEXANDER director NSA HENRY PAULSON JOHN BRENNAN denied knowledge of CIA torture. TIMOTHY GEITNER Goldman Sachs crony DAVID AXELROD ROMM EMANNUAL wants to privatize education. RONALD RODGERS JAMES CLAPPER LEON PENNETA MICHEAL FROHMANN ROBERT RUEBEN LARRY SUMMERS advised abolishment of Glass- Steagall act. THOM WHEELER Former lobbyist for the telecom companies. Terrible nominees, Michael Boggs opposes same sex marriage, abortion Now I see how naive I was when I wrote this list, This man proved to be unworthy of my admiration. I am not going to finish this list, because it is no longer subject to debate. I know who and what Obama is, a betrayer and a Wall street lackey. In a 2006 speech he praises so called Free Trade and globalization, which has done nothing but drain jobs and money away from the country, Making us poorer not richer. Every Trade deal since NAFTA has cost us dearly.http://www.epi.org/publication/briefingpapers_bp147/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-wallach/nafta-at-20-one-million-u_b_4550207.html https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-5Y74FrDCc Here’s some more information incase you’re not convinced https://www.citizen.org/tradewatch Call your U.S. Senator and Representative to let them know your displeasure with TPP and Fast track, we are supposed to be living in a democracy and not a Corporate Oligarchy. DEFEND AMERICA, OPPOSE CORPORATE TYRANNY, VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES!

Where have all the reporters gone?

Saturday morning and again on Sunday morning, I turned on my television set to see the coverage of the People’s climate march in Manhattan and countries around the world. But guess what, I didm’t see any mention of it on the major networks. Demonstrations took place in over one hundred countries, but the largest by far was the one in New York with approximately 310,000 protesters marching. MSNBC was one of the few exceptions, and so was Free speech TV, who had the most comprehensive coverage. The other side is sprouting ridiculous claims like, communist, Terrorist supporters, alarmist and flat out denying that there is a problem. People in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro and New York Think otherwise. You can not solve a problem by hiding your head in the sand. Corporate interest might be able to stifle their commercial network flunkies, but they can’t stop the social network. Those networks who decided that such a major event as the climate march, wasn’t worth even a mention, do not deserve to call themselves distributors of the news. They played the same old jive that we’ve been watching for weeks Ray Rice and Roger Goodell and Iraq and ISIL. These stories are merely distractions to turn our attention away from the real issues, Tho ones that will determine the fate of humanity. News networks should actually cover the news, even the news that their corporate masters don’t want to hear.

The People’s climate
change march

What’s Wrong with Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin (Anchor baby), thinks that a principle that is practiced by her ancestral home, the Philippines,that of (jus sanguinis) applies to her as an American, even though both of her parents were not naturalized citizens at the time of her birth. She is actually a Citizen of the Philippines according to their laws. Fortunately for her the United states grants (jus soli) the right of nationality to anyone born on U.S. soil, but yet she thinks that this policy that made her an automatic citizen, should not apply to anyone else including foreign tourist.if that was the case she would have had to go through the naturalization process just like any other foreign immigrant. The selfish hypocrisy of this Fox network puppet, knows no bounds. She says, that “I’m not Asian I’m American.” Most of the people on the Radical right would send her packing back to the Philippines. I used the term Anchor baby because that is how her so called friends on the right like Michelle Bachman would refer to her. I apologize to all of those American born children of immigrants, documented or not, with the exception of Malkin. She has my pity, but not my respect.

Her first book INVASION: How America still welcomes terrorist, criminals and other foreign menaces.

The title sounds like it was written by a virulent white supremacist. What if her parents had been denied entrance to our country and its opportunities, just because they happened to be from the Philippines. What makes her circumstances so special, that exclusion based on race or country of origin should not apply to her. Is she suffering from some type of delusion that blinds her to the plight of others, that are only seeking the same opportunities that her parents received.

Her second book, IN DEFENSE OF INTERNMENT: The case for Racial profiling in World War II and the war on terror. She defended a position which is now recognized as racist, and one which the U.S. government has since apologized for. She’s actually so bold as to suggest that the same methods should be used against Muslim-Americans. What if nineteen Filipino men had been the perpetrators of the events of 911; would she still advocate such horrid tactics. Would she think that her government was totally justified, if she was held in an internment camp, without a trial, or any legal justification. Is she so blind that when she looks in the mirror she sees Ann Coulter. a fair skinned blond caucasian woman, and not the very Dark skinned Asian that she really is. I can imagine her being subjected to the N-word very easily. instead of feeding the fires of inequality and racial hatred that will ultimately affect her, somewhere down the line, she should grow a heart and develop empathy and sympathy for others that are not as fortunate as she is.

Her fourth book CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Obama and His team of Tax Cheats Crooks and Cronies. The title itself is worthy of Glenn Beck, but not worthy of a clear headed, thinking, rational person, unfortunately Michelle Malkin is none of the above. She is well protected by the laxity of libel laws in this country. Apparently we have rights in America that defend people who would trounce on the rights of others, including Michelle Malkin. Her banal parroting of the right wing pundits is shameful and devoid of truth or moral certainty. The world that she advocates would be a living nightmare for people of color like herself; and despite her denial, there are people out there who will judge her because of the obvious darkness of her skin. She could better serve humanity and herself, if she would stop fanning the flames of hatred under the banner of conservatism.


Free AJ Staff


suppression of journalist and of the truth, isn’t something that is just happening in foreign countries that we really don’t give a damn about, it is starting to rear its ugly head right here in the good old U.S.A. If you don’t believe it, just read about how the whistle blower protections are being stripped away in the name of national security.

In recent years, whenever someone invokes National Security as a reason for keeping something secret, it usually means that our government is doing something that is unethical or borderline criminal. If someone dares to reveal the ugly truth either inside the system, or from outside of the system, they are denounced as a traitor or for endangering american lives. with the exception of Carl Rove who actually outed a CIA Agent Valerie Plame Whistle blowers from Richard Maven and Samuel Shaw to Daniel Elsberg have been vilified ridiculed and criminalized. Now it is journalist who are increasingly coming under government scrutiny simply for reporting the truth. The First Amendment states,

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

It sound reasonable and simple enough to understand, but for some reason our government just doesn’t get it. The Supreme Court, the same SCOTUS that gutted the 1963 civil rights act and affirmed Mitt Romney’s assertion that corporations are people too, made an equally bad call in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garcetti_v._Ceballos that in effect states, that free speech guarantees for government employees does not extend to the work place while performing their duties. In other word keep your mouth shut and don’t rock the boat or else. Thank you Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and thank you Chief Justice John G. Roberts. Let’s not forget conservative tie breaker Anthony Kennedy.

Here are a few links to take you down the rabbit hole.







United States gone Crazy

This is what my country has degenerated into, Thanks to the NRA and a bunch of bought and paid for, cowardly politicians on both sides of the Isle. This is not how civilized people should be living. This is how a roque nation, with no rule of law exist with everyone walking around carrying guns. Conservative politicians are truly turning America into a third world Crap hole. Below are pictures of real people carrying real guns.



States permit open carry without requiring the citizen to apply for any permit or license: (11)

Alaska,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming,Nevada,Arizona,New Mexico,
South Dakota,Vermont,Kentucky,Virginia

States permit open carry with restrictions: (13)

Utah,North Dakota,Minnesota,Iowa,Tennessee,Mississippi,Georgia,Indiana,Maryland,
New Jersey,Rhode Island,Connecticut,Massachusetts

States that prohibit open carry: (7)

New York,Oklahoma,South Carolina,Arkansas,Texas,Illinois,Florida



New Hampshire
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
– See more at: http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-law-basics/states-that-have-stand-your-ground-laws.html#sthash.VLWjBrvU.dpuf


Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Wisconsin Wyoming – See more at: http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-law-basics/states-that-have-stand-your-ground-laws.html#sthash.VLWjBrvU.dpuf

Net Neutrality and common carriers

The company dupes over at the FCC are making decisions that are neither net neutral, nor fair. Former telecom lackey Thom Wheeler is taking it upon himself to decide the question of net neutrality, without litigation or legislation. Much like the supreme court, which has a conservative leaning majority, the FCC has been stacked with people that care more about the corporate Oligarchy, than the people of the United States. Thom Wheeler a typical conservative lowlife Proposes to allow corporations to  stand like gatekeepers at a toll road and decide Who gets access to the full benefits of the internet. As usual people who lack the resources i.e. lower income people will be the ones denied.

Groups like Citizens against government waste a conservative think tank and big tobacco lobbyist are against net neutrality that should be a warning sign. The Cato Institute founded as the Charles Koch foundation another conservative think tank also opposes net neutrality. Anything remotely associated with the infamous Koch brothers is suspect. Nothing good has ever come from anything supported by the Koch brothers.The Cato institute another conservative think tank/stooge are against the minimum wage and affirmative action.Their idea of a free market economy is rooted in 1850S social Darwinism.

Another opponent of net neutrality, the Goldwater institute is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council; a group that is notorious for crafting legislation for conservative dimwits, who can’t do the job that they were elected for, to create laws for the nation. ALEC is firmly in the pockets of special interest groups such as the NRA, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group.

ALEC is responsible for crafting such insidious legislation as mandatory sentencing and three strikes, helping to create the school to prison pipeline. they have also introduced guidelines for voter restriction. Their position on Hydraulic fracturing, the environment and right to know laws are morally bankrupt.

All you have to do is look at who is for net neutrality and who is against it, to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. The people who are against it are self serving and greedy corporations, who have this backward thinking profit at any cost mentality.Conservative are destructive to the American economy as well as the American way of life. I have witnessed too many times the devastating effects of corrupt conservative hacks to have any faith in them doing the right thing. Study the facts for yourself and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion.