Net Neutrality and common carriers

The company dupes over at the FCC are making decisions that are neither net neutral, nor fair. Former telecom lackey Thom Wheeler is taking it upon himself to decide the question of net neutrality, without litigation or legislation. Much like the supreme court, which has a conservative leaning majority, the FCC has been stacked with people that care more about the corporate Oligarchy, than the people of the United States. Thom Wheeler a typical conservative lowlife Proposes to allow corporations to  stand like gatekeepers at a toll road and decide Who gets access to the full benefits of the internet. As usual people who lack the resources i.e. lower income people will be the ones denied.

Groups like Citizens against government waste a conservative think tank and big tobacco lobbyist are against net neutrality that should be a warning sign. The Cato Institute founded as the Charles Koch foundation another conservative think tank also opposes net neutrality. Anything remotely associated with the infamous Koch brothers is suspect. Nothing good has ever come from anything supported by the Koch brothers.The Cato institute another conservative think tank/stooge are against the minimum wage and affirmative action.Their idea of a free market economy is rooted in 1850S social Darwinism.

Another opponent of net neutrality, the Goldwater institute is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council; a group that is notorious for crafting legislation for conservative dimwits, who can’t do the job that they were elected for, to create laws for the nation. ALEC is firmly in the pockets of special interest groups such as the NRA, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group.

ALEC is responsible for crafting such insidious legislation as mandatory sentencing and three strikes, helping to create the school to prison pipeline. they have also introduced guidelines for voter restriction. Their position on Hydraulic fracturing, the environment and right to know laws are morally bankrupt.

All you have to do is look at who is for net neutrality and who is against it, to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. The people who are against it are self serving and greedy corporations, who have this backward thinking profit at any cost mentality.Conservative are destructive to the American economy as well as the American way of life. I have witnessed too many times the devastating effects of corrupt conservative hacks to have any faith in them doing the right thing. Study the facts for yourself and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion.

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