I was going to start this review with a bunch of swear words, but I’ve decided to keep a cool head and approach this as objectively as possible, for a dissatisfied customer.  First off I was welcomed at the Sleep number store with open arms; they made me feel important as a valuable potential customer. After testing a variety of beds at different sleep settings and of different sizes, I was ready to buy.

My old mattress was well over twenty years old and was no longer comfortable and causing me a lot of pain. The sleep number ad campaign is very effective at pushing its product; unfortunately, actually trying to sleep on the bed is not very satisfying.  In the store my sleep number was determined to be 35 but on my bed this is not a good number. I have tried every number from 25 to 100 with no appreciable effect.  Further more my bed is too short. I am average height so I did not think that there would be a problem. However the bed that I purchased is a double, which means wider than a twin but not as wide as a queen size bed.  I was foolish to make the assumption, that all beds would be long enough to accommodate the average adult.

Somewhere in the paper work I got the idea that if I was not happy with my bed there was a 100 night trial period in which to return it.  Apparently this is not the case; all sales are final once you’ve taken possession of the product.  The problem with this policy is that, until the bed is full assembled, you can not discern what the actual length and width of the bed is.  I asked about moving the bed around and was assured that they would put rollers on it, they didn’t; I called and complained about it and was told that I would have to purchase the rollers, which cost me another twenty six bucks. Incidentally my bed didn’t have casters on it either they arrived a week later with the rollers.

As soon as I saw what the size of the fully assembled  bed was, I realized that I had made a  monumental mistake. I called the dealer the very next day and what I got was a stern all sales are final talk. I was told by the person that delivered the bed that I could upgrade to a bigger more expensive bed but that also wasn’t true.  So I am stuck with a bed that doesn’t fulfill its promise of a good nights sleep and is also a nuisance because I can’t stretch out with out my heels hanging off the edge of the mattress. I called the store two more times and couldn’t get a hold of the person who sold me the bed to let her know that I was not a happy camper. I haven’t been able to get a hold of her yet and she hasn’t returned my calls.  I called the customer service number but they are not open on Sunday. I will continue to try but I am not very optimistic about the outcome.

When did businesses become so resistant to, good service, honesty and customer satisfaction. I went online to the consumer affairs web site to look at the reviews and make my own. I started reading some of the other reviews and was not shocked to discover that hundreds of other people gave them a one star rating and was not alone in my dissatisfaction with the sleep number staff and their lack of sympathy with customers. I also noticed that a lot of the people complaining were seniors like myself ,who remember the days when customer satisfaction was a real concern and not just an empty platitude.  I would definitely not recommend Sleep Number beds to  anyone. They are pricy,  not that good and the customer service is appalling.

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