Fluffy Puffy Hallmark Christmas


Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)

lt’s that time again, time for those fluffy puffy, happy, sappy, hallmark Christmas stories. This time of the year, the Hallmark channel morphs into the most watched channel on cable and Satellite tv (yes satellite tv , it still exist for us poor folks).  The Hallmark channel has been a guilty pleasure of mine for three years and I look forward to binge watching, throughout the month of December.  There is a steady stream of re-runs and new movies to satisfy the most ardent fans of Holiday schtick, and they run all night long for the insomniacs.

If you are a veteran Hallmark watcher, then you will immediately know  Lacey Chabert or Danica McKellar or Lori Loughlin and of course Candace Cameron Bure. There are also appearances from familiar males, like James Van Der Beek, Colin Ferguson and some cool codgers like Bryan Doyle Murray and Henry Winkler. The plots can be redundant, but Christmas romances usually stick to a specific formula.  Be warned that Royalty might be involved in some stories. The Macguffin has to be saved, plot moppets have to be appeased,  widows and widowers must find love and the Christmas haters will find the true meaning of secular Christmas.

The main character usually has some tragic reason for hating the holiday spirit, or perhaps they are just a cynical jerk. A cliche group of friends, bosses and antagonist orbit around the protagonist, creating humor, tension and roadblocks. Fear not dear viewer, all will be resolved in the last ten minutes. Miss Scrooge or Mister Scrooge will will come to their senses, love will bloom, old wounds will be healed, the widow or widower will find a replacement spouse; this is also the point in the movie where the villain is vanquished.

In between the beginning and the end there are snowmen, snowball fights, tree trimmings and tree lightings all wrapped up in the trappings of the local town festival. these Shenanigans always occur in the most christmassy town in the midwest or northwest or the northeast; where the folks are simple and the snow falls on cue when ever attractive lady or man start to feel romantic, I forgot to mention that sometimes Magical Santa guy  makes an appearance to dispense wisdom. Santa Guy doesn’t always sport his signature red and white suit, sometimes he’s wearing natty looking business attire with red accents. Some times he hangs around the local diner or sits conveniently on a bench in the town park, or he could just  magically appear at the office Christmas party to grant strange wishes.

All in all, the Hallmark channel in December is a place to suspend your disbelief, chill out and let your everyday worries disappear. These movies may be sappy and sentimental,  even silly, but they’re good clean entertainment and an instant infusion of holiday fun.

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