Voting down ticket,or (Hillary ain’t doing it for me).

I woke up this morning and promptly turned on the television to hear about what happened in last nights California primary. I was expecting much better from Californians, especially the Hispanic Californians who Want immigration reform  and greater opportunities in education and employment. Voting for a wall street center right Democrat will not accomplish anything. I have heard all of the arguments especially from the people who I actually respect, like Joy Reid, Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartmann and others, all saying that it’s over and done with so you might as well vote for Hillary. Well, I am sorry to disappoint, or be an old stick in the mud, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid Hillary as if she were a third term for Obama.

There is an old saying that goes,”You Can not be betrayed by an enemy, only by a friend.” Obama and Eric Holder both betrayed America and Black Americans in particular; Obama with his Signature drone strikes, attacks on Whistle blowers and constantly kowtowing to republican racist and Holder for his refusal to bring the weight of the Justice department down on southerners willing to erase decades of civil rights . Hillary was part of that administration and some of the dirt rubbed off on her, although her own shortcomings are enough to turn me off in their own right. If you’ve never heard the name Berta Cáceres look it up! She was an indigenous activist from Honduras Who was assassinated by unknown gunmen in March of 2016. Below is an excerpt  from the Democracy Now program, explaining the Chaos that Hillary’s sponsored Coup in Honduras  has torn the country apart.

If that’s not enough the coup was actually illegal under the Honduran constitution, even though she said it was legal. Regime Change is not a good foreign policy tactic. Guess what was behind the coup, it was international corporate domination over a sovereign nation. This is all you can expect from a Wall Street Democrat.

That’s not all Puerto Rico is in debt up to its neck, held hostage by Wall street hedge fund managers and is suffering from Draconian austerity measures supported by guess who, Hillary and Obama. They want to appoint a panel of what amounts to emergency managers, just like  Detroit and Flint; this is outrageous and an act of corporate colonization. The people on Wall street pay her huge speaking fees that have made her very rich. SERIOUSLY!  do Puerto ricans really believe that this is the person who is going to come to their aid, when she had already conceded to the Republicans plan for the dismantling of their fair island. It’s the best we’re going to get, she says.

Are Californian Hispanics blind to the facts or is it that they just don’t care about other Hispanics. Given Hillary’s record do the think that she is the right choice; if so they  have a rude awakening, just like I had when the truth sank in about the center right, Wall street Democrats. At leas they got the rats part right!

Here is my prognostication for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Everything that she has promised, to compete with the Bernie Sanders campaign will quickly be forgotten; remember she started out calling Bernie’s Ideas pie in the sky fantasies, not even willing to admit that everything worth having, is worth fighting for. She surrendered before the battle was joined. She will surround herself with weak or just plain lousy advisers, just like Obama did and maintain the status quo. The Military Industrial complex will continue to roll over our nation while subjugating weaker ones, enriching themselves and creating a massive debt for taxpayers. Investment bankers will continue to bilk the public until another collapse and then say we’re too big to fail, so ante up or it’s the end of America as you know it. If progressives don’t gain a foot hold in the House and the Senate then there will never be a livable wage, the move for sustainable energy and an end to all fracking will never be realized; Gerrymandering, voter nullification, campaign finance reform and an end to devastating so called free trade agreements will be nothing more than a fantasy. Whistle blowers will continue to be suppressed, harassed, persecuted and even prosecuted and our freedom will continue to evaporate in a haze of suspicion and fear.

If the republicans were smart ,they would be pointing all of this out, only they’re complicite in the same bad behavior, so they conveniently  ignore it. So now hopefully you understand that when I heard that Bernie Sanders had lost California, I was not only at a loss for words, I could not comprehend why any well informed Hispanic voter, not to mention the African American church block that carried the south would vote for this woman. I became literally sick to my stomach, realizing that sometimes the lesser of two evils is not an option,for people who want future generations to inherit a better world. So, no, I will not be voting for Hillary come November, I will vote; I haven’t missed a national election since I turned 19, but I will be voting down ticket for every progressive thats on the ballot or every Democrat that I deem worthy.I’ll probably write in Bernie for the Hell of  it because I no longer have any faith in, or allegiance to the Democratic party.

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