Those Happy, Sappy Hallmark Christmas Movies

It’s that time of year again, when the Hallmark channel starts rolling out those goofy, sentimental Christmas movies and there are a lot of them. That’s right folks, they have a whole arsenal of the oozy ,gooey sentimental sap for your viewing pleasure. If you’re not familiar with the Hallmark channel, this is the one time of the year when I actually recommend it. If you are feeling the pre-Christmas Blahs like I so often do; dreading those Pre-Chirstmas chores, then the Hallmark Channel is the place to go for a quick infusion of the Christmas spirit minus, the religious aspect of course. After all, Americans have been celebrating secular Christmas for at least a century or more, ever since that famous letter to the New York Sun by Virginia O’Hanlon in 1897 asking the question; Is there a Santa Claus?

Incidentally, or not, Hallmark has been selling Christmas card since 1915, so Why shouldn’t they sell Christmas movies on Television. What a great platform to push their product, while injecting us all with the Christmas spirit. All of that aside, I find that their movies actually make me feel good about this time of the year. For an old curmudgeon like me, feeling good is a big plus. The Hallmark Holiday movies provide a much needed lift for someone like me, who is suffering from bad news syndrome. This is a time when I can get get behind happy fluff and put all of the horrible stuff on hold until next year. I highly recommend a Hallmark marathon, of romantic sappy, secular Christmas movies to anyone needing a lift. Try watching them with friends or family, or have a tweet-athon while watching. You might be surprised by how much fun you can have, making fun of these sentimental fluff pieces. They are perfectly designed to hit your soft spot, like it or not. “HAPPY FESTIVUS EVERYBODY!”

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