Where have all the reporters gone?

Saturday morning and again on Sunday morning, I turned on my television set to see the coverage of the People’s climate march in Manhattan and countries around the world. But guess what, I didm’t see any mention of it on the major networks. Demonstrations took place in over one hundred countries, but the largest by far was the one in New York with approximately 310,000 protesters marching. MSNBC was one of the few exceptions, and so was Free speech TV, who had the most comprehensive coverage. The other side is sprouting ridiculous claims like, communist, Terrorist supporters, alarmist and flat out denying that there is a problem. People in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro and New York Think otherwise. You can not solve a problem by hiding your head in the sand. Corporate interest might be able to stifle their commercial network flunkies, but they can’t stop the social network. Those networks who decided that such a major event as the climate march, wasn’t worth even a mention, do not deserve to call themselves distributors of the news. They played the same old jive that we’ve been watching for weeks Ray Rice and Roger Goodell and Iraq and ISIL. These stories are merely distractions to turn our attention away from the real issues, Tho ones that will determine the fate of humanity. News networks should actually cover the news, even the news that their corporate masters don’t want to hear.

The People’s climate
change march

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