Those stupid stupid sims

I should be ashamed of myself; I’ve been playing Medieval Sims for a week now without a pause and neglecting the world around me. This stupid but highly addictive and frustrating  game game, has all of the annoyances of the original except in medieval clothing. The sims are still just as stupid as always, you have them cook a meal and no matter what setting for autonomy they’re set on, they have the strange habit of setting a plate of food on the floor and just standing there. No matter how many hundreds of simoles that you spend on fancy dining tables and chairs they will only sit down and eat fifty percent of the time. Although there is a strange exception to this quirk, any random sim within reach of your plate will apparently sit down and eat it for you. What’s up with that? If your sims are so damn hungry that they faint why wouldn’t they pounce on the food like a ravenous beast?

The eating glitch is not the only crazy thing about this game trying to get someone hitched is  ridiculously ridiculous, and if by chance you do happen to get them into a state of wedded bliss why do you have to go through the same courting ritual to get them to woohoo. Personally I think that there should be a different relationship model after the sims are married instead of the same old tired choices. Just a thought, if you have a perfectly good marriage bed why aren’t you cuddled up with your new spouse. Why can’t the king just order some one to marry him, after all his word is law. Chasing some one from too to room just to talk to them sounds like grounds for divorce or annulment to me.

Which brings me to my next gripe how can the constable lock up the king; the king should be immune unless a coup occurs and why can’t I just have the executioner cut off his head; as a matter of fact I think that a guillotine would be a great enhancement to this game. That pit monster is so lame I wanna few heads to roll. and why are the royal servants so impudent. Obviously all of these terrible quirks in the game are the fault of the game developers. I guess that I expect to much from a game that has been around since the last century and has had several decades to evolve but really hasn’t, just more and more stupid expensive expansion packs. Well it;s lucky for me that winter is finally oven in Minnesota in freaking May, maybe know I can tear myself away from this stupid game.

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